Smart Robot for Recruitment, Sales, and Customer Support

The robot can talk to your customers in natural language. It can recognize human speech, intentions, intonation and emotions of the interlocutor. Flexible dialog scripts and realistic voices. Ideal for cold calling, recruiting or customer support. The robot is easily integrated with all popular CRMs. As well as with messengers, 1C, social networks, Google Sheets and even ChatGPT.

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Why Do We Need Smart Robots?

Makes 500 calls an hour

AI Robot sounds 99% like a real person on the phone.

Follows the script, takes notes and achieves planned KPIs.

Save 70% on operator costs, team manager, taxes, etc.

AI Robot doesn’t need a raise or vacation.

Robot Applications

The robot will take over routine tasks that take up your time allowing you to focus on important tasks.


Reactivating inactive clients

Cold calling
Invitations to events


NPS quality control
Reactivating inactive clients: Bringing back inactive clients
Informing and reminding

Incoming calls and support


Company Knowledge Base


Employee training

Launch a Robot in a Few Days

A robot launch expert analyzes your task and proposes a solution. Sometimes you immediately understand why you need a robot, but often our expertise helps identify unexpected and effective ways to use it.


1. Meeting

Gathering information and initial script versions

2. Scripts

Developing and approving scripts

3. Creation

Creating a voice robot by an analyst

4. Training

Training the robot based on collected data

5. Testing

Checking the robot's work

6. Launch

Final stage: launching the smart voice robot


Integration with All

The Smart Robot easily integrates with all popular internet messengers, social networks, CRM systems, chat platforms, corporate telephony solutions, and many other platforms for business communication with clients.

Clients and Cases

Clients use the smart robot to increase the efficiency of their customer service and automate market communication.


How a Smart Robot Took 30% of the Workload from Dental Pro's receptionists

Solved communication issues with clients by automating incoming and repeat requests.


How a Smart Robot Handles 70% of Incoming Calls for Tcell in Tajikistan

Reduced call center load and achieved 20,000 calls per month through WhatsApp.


How a Smart Robot Helps Collect Debts 2.5 Times Cheaper Than Operators

Automated the process of processing requests by working out
scenarios with the help of which bots process 70% of requests every day.


How a Smart Robot Reduced Domino’s Pizza Chain’s Costs by 50%

Automated the order-taking process by developing scenarios for fast food restaurants, where the bot handles 40% of dialogues.

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